Teofilo Reyes Jr, Founder

Many of our past experiences relentlessly aim to convince us that we are not capable of growth. To disprove that concept for individuals and communities alike, Teofilo created TEO II IV II™. Through his service focusing on personal development, strategic planning, and providing interactive programs for goal achievement, Teofilo has had the pleasure of working with many amazing individuals that have expanded the II IV II™ movement to become an unstoppable force of resiliency, authenticity and results. 

TEO, as he is more commonly known, is a Houston, TX native, First-Generation graduate, NCAA All-American, United States Marine Corps veteran, community organizer, and public speaker. TEO's unique background mixed with his Master of Science in Organizational Development & Leadership has brought impactful messages and results to universities, NCAA Division I programs, school districts, nonprofit organizations and residential communities. 

We thank you for taking the time to explore our website, and please free to contact us to see how we can better assist you and your organization! We really look forward to working with you very soon! 


Workshops & Seminars


Everyone has a unique story, and through that experience has the ability to help their neighbor. Our TEO II IV II workshops and seminars tap these abilities to help individuals, workgroups, or entire organizations discover their strengths and recognize weaknesses.  TEO II IV II programs utilize educational and motivational speakers, individual and group exercises, networking opportunities, and much more to develop participants’ ability to leverage this newfound knowledge for effectively achieving individual and collective goals.

Strategic Planning


Whether you’re a growing nonprofit organization looking to increase membership, a small business seeking to create and hire the right team, an individual looking for self-improvement or just in need of some life coaching, or anyone else with a goal to achieve, TEO II IV II is here to help you develop your strategy for crossing the finish line. In addition to providing the roadmap, the TEO II IV II program also provides the motivation and encouragement to see you through to your destination.

Public Speaking


Bring our message to your local organization! We at TEO II IV II love meeting and engaging with goal-oriented people. Let us bring our highly interactive format to your event, where we will give your group a focused message we know will strengthen your momentum toward a better tomorrow.


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